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Silence - Musical Accompaniment For The End Of The World

Silence - Musical Accompaniment For The End Of The World
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Format: 1 CD 1 CD
Leto izdaje: 10.10.2012
EAN: 091037209986
Založba: Samozaložba
Rok dobave: do 7 dni
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Songs for two pianos, TactfulSynths and Voice

Are you tired of facing natural disasters, terrorist acts, nuclear meltdowns and stock market crashes blissfully unprepared? If so, we recommend purchasing Silence's new album, Musical Accompaniment for the End of the World (Songs for Two Pianos, Tactful Synths and Voice). This assorted collection of soothing and delightfully diverting songs is guaranteed to prevent upcoming disasters from ruining your day. Everything looks better with music; why should the end of the world be an exception? Don't hesitate, order now – tomorrow

Musical Accompaniment for the End of the World is the musical equivalent of enjoying a glass of Laphroaig whiskey while observing a rapidly approaching storm through the window. It is soothing ... despite the unshakeable sensation of impending doom.

Silence's first regular album since Vain, a Tribute to a Ghost (2004) was released by Pekinpah on April 14th 2012. The release date was selected on account of its exquisite catastrophic pedigree; preceded by Friday the 13th, it marks the centennial of the sinking of the Titanic.

01. Hunger
02. Sing
03. Silkskin
04. Pioneers Of Nothing
05. Naif
06. Sturmschlager
07. Electricity
08. Wish Me Well, Wish Me Hell
09. Hert Of Darkness
10. Death in New York


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