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V/a - Soothing Touch

V/a - Soothing Touch
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Format: 1 CD 1 CD
Leto izdaje: 13.1.2009
EAN: 0689973653927
Založba: OREADE
Rok dobave: do 40 dni
Količina: Dodaj v košarico


Schawkie Roth/Karunesh/Michel Pepe/A.O.

This album is designed to provide a peaceful ambiance. It creates an atmosphere that adds to the warm experience of a soothing massage. The word 'massage' comes from the Greek root 'masso', meaning 'to touch'. Today, a massage is the most popular spa treatment. It reduces the habitual levels of stress in your body, allowing you to move more freely, enabling you to breathe more fully. With music from Alberto Grollo, Simon Cooper, Erik Berglund and many more.

01. Invocation
02. Desert Flower
03. Quinta Essentia
04. Refreshing the Mind

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