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Supergrass - Life on Other Planets

Supergrass - Life on Other Planets
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Format: 1 CD 1 CD
Leto izdaje: 5.7.2002
EAN: 724354180026
Rok dobave: do 7 dni
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Fourth album by the Oxford-formed indie act who shot to fame in the UK in 1995 with their no.2 single, 'Alright'. Life On Other Planets was produced by Tony Hoffer who has worked with Air & Beck, & was recorded in Sussex & Wales. It includes the singles, 'Grace' & 'Never Done Nothing Like That Before'. EMI. 2002.

Life on Other Planets is proof positive that you just never know what a band has in them. While the notoriously blunted Supergrass have always produced vividly screaming pop, their songs never followed an arc, instead flashing their moments of knuckleheaded brilliance before shuffling off in another direction. While Life on Other Planets, their fourth disc, has the goofball hallmarks--random coughs, braying animals, and mashed potato references, to name three--the songs go somewhere, and they yank us along with them. From the galloping chorus in "Grace," to the rickety handheld percussion and soft phrasings of "Evening of the Day," and the zippy distorted guitar lead in "Rush Hour Soul," Supergrass offers complete pop pictures with enormous detail and lots of instrumental extras. And the songs really rock. Plus it's hard not to be staggered by a group that cagily writes about offbeat topics like expired witches ("Brecon Beacons") and life among the dead ("Prophet 15") while remembering to make those bridges and choruses soar. Far better than expected. --Kim Hughes

Disc 1:

  1. Za
  2. Rush Hour Soul
  3. Seen the Light
  4. Brecon Beacons
  5. Can't Get Up
  6. Evening of the Day
  7. Never Done Nothing Like That Before
  8. Funniest Thing
  9. Grace
  10. Song
  11. Prophet 15
  12. Run

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