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Marko Hatlak & Stefan Milenkovich - Tango Compas

Marko Hatlak & Stefan Milenkovich - Tango Compas
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Format: 1 CD 1 CD
Leto izdaje: 5.4.2014
EAN: 3831093814888
Založba: Klopotec
Rok dobave: do 7 dni
Količina: Dodaj v košarico


    01 Revolucinario
    02 Reliquias portenas
    03 Tango negro
    04 La cumparsita
    05 Primavera portena
    06 Histoire du tango, Nightclub 1960
    07 Improvisation
    08 Milonga del angel
    09 Taraf
    10 Derniere route

COMPÁS a Spanish word for musical beat, the essential pulse behind music. This project explores tango compás – its intense, dark beauty and passion. But tango contains so much more: an incredible range of energetic expression – including sound and movement – that perhaps holds the key to what it means to be human. The communication between man and a woman, our weaknesses and our strengths, the struggle between good and evil, reconciliation of mind, body and spirit – all of these timeless subjects are represented in tango compás that has given us inspiration for this musical journey.

Stefan Milenkovich


Marko Hatlak


Marko Črnčec


Luka Herman Gaiser

double bass


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