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N'toko - Emirates
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Format: 1 CD 1 CD

N'Toko - Emirates

N'Toko - Emirates
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Format: 1 LP 1 LP
Leto izdaje: 4.5.2017
EAN: 882119022018
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A1    Obey   
A2    Emirates   
A3    Yugoslavia   
A4    Lumber Games   
A5    Free Hugs   
A6    HiHats   

B1    Vultures   
B2    Optimist   
B3    Ikea Killer   
B4    Filth Cop Greed   
B5    Enter Sandman

N'toko is an experimental hiphop artist and producer from Slovenia.
He first made a name for himself as frontman of a local hiphop collective called Moveknowledgement. He became well known for his technical skills and speed as a rapper, winning two national freestyle championships in a row.
Competitions scored him his first record deal as a solo artist, the result being 3 Slovenian language albums which brought him into Slovenia's mainstream spotlight.
N’toko released several EPs and albums in English, two of which were released in Japan. These records gained cult status among underground hiphop fans and alternative music lovers for their open approach, blending influences from rock, free-jazz, electro, noise and psychadelia to name a few.
At the same time, N'toko performed anywhere he could, from poetry slams to impro-sessions and electronic parties, no longer just rapping, but also using his voice as an effect-processed instrument, playing other instruments and often screaming his brains out.
He continues his work with Moveknowledgement, which has morphed into an experimental dub, rock group and released 3 albums. N’toko is now constantly moving between Slovenia and Japan, where he has played over 40 concerts and worked with many artists in the Tokyo music scene. He has also played extensively around Europe as well as the USA, performing in clubs and festivals (Reeperbahn Festival, Glastonbury, Exit, Inmusic, Best Buy Theatre NYC). Currently he is also involved in activist work in Slovenia, where he has become a widely read columnist and author.
What a luck that N’toko could find some time to record his new record „Emirates“, out on Unique Records in March 2017. This piece of music agains contains N’toko’s strenghts – critical lyrics, straight beats combined with dark electronic sounds.

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