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Van Morrison - Blowin' Your Mind!
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Format: 1 Vinyl LP 1 Vinyl LP
Van Morrison - Bang Masters
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Van Morrison - Keep It Simple

Van Morrison -  Keep It Simple
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Format: 1 2 Vinyl LP 1 2 Vinyl LP
Leto izdaje: 5.7.2008
EAN: 602517632622
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On April 1st, Lost Highway will proudly release Keep It Simple, the new album from Van Morrison. Keep It Simple is Morrison's first album of new material since 2005, and the first in several years in which he composed all 11 songs specifically for one album.

In the interim the legendary artist had a year that may be unprecedented for any living artist, having released three separate collections of his hits, with the latest, Still On Top entering the UK charts at #2 and selling platinum, proving the ongoing appetite for his unrivalled work.

His music has always incorporated the widely varied influences he heard and absorbed since his childhood days on the streets of Belfast- long before the bands of his youth and his initial breakthrough with the band he started early on- called "Them."

On Keep It Simple, Morrison honors all those varied influences - Ulster-Scots Celtic, Jazz, Folk, Blues, Country, Soul and Gospel - and an added surprise of a mighty Ukelele -most times melding them all together at once creating his unmistakable signature sound.

In some of these songs Morrison addresses the propaganda of the myth perpetrating rock music world. There is a definite theme that recurs throughout the album, especially in the title track.

In keeping with that idea, Keep It Simple does not boast the big horns or expected string arrangements of some of Morrison's previous work. What it does feature are gorgeous songs rich with emotion, depth and beauty.

The LP edition boasts 3 additional tracks recorded live in 2008: "Blue And Green", "Little Village", "And The Healing Has Begun".

  1. How Can a Poor Boy?
  2. School of Hard Knocks
  3. That's Entrainment
  4. Don't Go to Nightclubs Anymore
  5. Lover Come Back
  6. Keep It Simple
  7. End of the Land
  8. Song of Home
  9. No Thing
  10. Soul
  11. Behind the Ritual
  12. Blue And Green (Recorded Live 2008-Vinyl Only)
  13. Little Village (Recorded Live 2008-Vinyl Only)
  14. And THe Healing Has Begun (Recorded Live 2008-Vinyl Only)

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