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Bob Dylan - Nashville Skyline

Bob Dylan - Nashville Skyline
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Format: 1 Vinyl LP 1 Vinyl LP
Leto izdaje: 5.7.1969
EAN: 090771512413
Rok dobave: do 7 dni
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For a Bob Dylan album, and one that many consider to be his best, Nashville Skyline doesn't mess around with ambiguity. It's a country album, plain and simple, with Dylan abandoning his fabled talk-sing voice and evangelical message for a soothing, down-home country croon. The new style was a perfect fit for some of Dylan's strongest material ever, including "Lay Lady Lay," "Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You" and "I Threw It All Away." There's also a superb duet with Johnny Cash on "Girl From the North Country" that, along with the Byrds' earlier Sweetheart of the Rodeo LP, officially breaks the champagne bottle over a brand new musical genre: country-rock.

1. Girl from the North Country
2. Nashville Skyline Rag
3. To Be Alone with You
4. I Threw It All Away
5. Peggy Day
6. Lay Lady Lay
7. One More Night
8. Tell Me That It Isn't True
9. Country Pie
10. Tonight I'll Be Staying Here with You

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