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Sister Fa - Sarabah (CD)

Sister Fa - Sarabah (CD)
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Format: 1 CD 1 CD
Leto izdaje: 21.5.2009
EAN: 0826863233429
Založba: PIRANHA
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Hip Hop Queen Of Senegal!

Sister Fa is Senegal's Queen of hip-hop. But getting to the top wasn't an easy road - for a woman to break through in an almost exclusively male field within a male-dominated society, it was a long hard journey. Struggle breeds compassion, and Sister Fa uses her international album debut Sarabah -- Tales from the Flipside of Paradise to speak out against the injustices rampant in her native country. Warm, groovy and unmistakably African, her raps, in Wolof, Manding, Jola and French, roll elegantly over beats as well as traditional sounds (kora and djembe), delivering tracks far removed from rap cliches, and more influenced by 80s Old Skool hip-hop than current rap trends.

01. Milyamba
02. Selebou Yoon
03. Amy Jotna
04. Sarabah
05. Hip Hop Rek
06. Soldat
07. Life Am
08. Poum Poum Paya
09. Hip Hop Yaw La Fal
10. Sister Fa La
11. Assoukatene
12. Bou Souba Si Ngone

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