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Shakira - Sale El Sol

Shakira - Sale El Sol
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Format: 1 CD 1 CD
Leto izdaje: 26.10.2010
EAN: 886977978623
Založba: SONY
Rok dobave: do 7 dni
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Sale el Sol was recorded in the Bahamas, London, Barcelona, and the Dominican Republic. The title track, Sale el Sol was co-written with her friend and collaborator, Luis Fernando Ochoa. Shakira dedicated this song to her close friend Gustavo Cerati during the Rock in Rio show in Madrid in June, 2010. Shakira teamed up with El Cata, a famous Dominical reggaeton artist for the tracks Rabiosa and Loca con el Tigre , adding an urban edge (twist) to these up-tempo dance tracks. Gordita is a collaboration with Ren‚ P‚rez, frontman and contentious lyricist from Calle 13. In the track Ren‚ admits that he liked Shakira more with dark hair and a bit heavier ( me gustabas cuando estabas mas gordita/con el pelito negrito/ y la cara redondita ) They performed the song together at Rock in Rio in Madrid, and the Glastonbury Music Festival in June of 2010. Mariposa is a ballad which features legendary guitarist , Gustavo Cerati, as well as the renowned pianist Alejandro Men‚ndez. Gustavo Cerati also plays guitar on the song Tu Boca . Sale el Sol reminds fans of Shakira s talent for writing songs that leave a mark on their generation with her inspired lyrics and unforgettable style.

01. Sale El Sol
02. Loca feat. Dizzee Rascal (English) - 2nd Single
03. Antes De Las Seis.
04. Gordita feat. Residente Calle 13
05. Addicted To you
06. Lo Que Mas
07. Mariposa
08. Rabiosa feat. Pitbull (English)
09. Devocion
10. Islands
11. Tu Boca.
12. Waka Waka (This Time For Africa) - K-Mix (English) - 1st Single
13. Loca feat. El Cata (Spanish)
14. Rabiosa feat. El Cata (Spanish)
15. Waka Waka (Esto Es Africa) - K-Mix (Spanish)

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