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Idan Raichel - Within My Walls

Idan Raichel - Within My Walls
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Format: 1 CD 1 CD
Leto izdaje: 30.3.2009
EAN: 0890846001107
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The Idan Raichel Project breaks down walls and musical boundaries with their second international release. Within My Walls features a diverse roster of guests and promises to bring even greater worldwide fame to this unique multicultural collective. The numerous special appearances include Mayra Andrade (Cape Verde), Marta Gómez (Colombia), Somi (Rwanda/Uganda) and others. On the heels of an explosive rise in popularity, record-breaking sales in Israel and sold-out performances across the globe to rapturous crowds in some of the world's most prestigious venues, The Idan Raichel Project returns with a powerful new album.

Much of Within My Walls was recorded over the past few years while Idan was on tour, during recording sessions in hotel rooms, backstage dressing areas, private homes and other impromptu settings. His poetic lyrics reflect these travels and contemplations; sung in Hebrew, Moroccan Arabic, Spanish, Cape Verdean Creole and Swahili, the songs address the struggle for personal fulfillment and the true meaning of love in a conflicted and complex world. The result is a deeply moving recording, overflowing with rich melodies, engaging poetry, stunning vocal performances and intricate arrangements.

The Times of London has raved, "This one-man Middle East peace accord makes music that is an ambitious celebration of multicultural diversity. The ethnic elements are cleverly rewired with modern grooves to create an ambient journey that thrillingly bridges the traditional and the modern." Discover for yourself the magic of The Idan Raichel Project.


01. Todas las Palabras (All the Words)
02. Bein Kirot Beiti (Within My Walls)
03. She'eriot Shel Ha'Chaim (Scraps of Life)
04. Mai Nahar (River Waters)
05. Chalomot Shel Acherim (Other People's Dreams)
06. Ôdjus Fitxadu (With My Eyes Shut)
07. Shev (Stay)
08. Rov Ha'Sha'ot (Most of the Hours)
09. Min Nhar Li Mshiti (From the Day You Left)
10. Cada Día (Every Day)
11. Hakol Over (This Too Shall Pass)
12. Nin'al Be'Mabato (Locked in His Gaze)
13. Maisha

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