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Renaud Garcia-Fons - Mediterranees

Renaud Garcia-Fons - Mediterranees
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Format: 1 CD 1 CD
Leto izdaje: 6.12.2010
EAN: 063757956327
Založba: ENJA
Rok dobave: do 14 dni
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The French bass player, one of Europe s foremost jazz instrumentalists and notable for his customised five-string instrument, is influenced by jazz, classical and imagined folklore . His evocative compositions here portray the many musical flavours of Southern Europe and North Africa, played with stunning precision on a wide array of instruments. All About Jazz describes Garcia-Fons as arguably the most amazing double bass player in the world, known for his overwhelming virtuosity . He has eight other titles available on the Enja label.

01. Aljamiado
02. Luces De Lorca
03. Fortaleza
04. Los Secretos
05. Las Ramblas
06. La Demoiselle De Céret
07. Camp D' Argeles
08. La Strada
09. Romsarom
10. Iraklio
11. Dalmatia
12. Mythologie
13. Bosphore
14. Bekaa
15. Hmar Nadir
16. Sinaï
17. Safran
18. Poussière De Ksar

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