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Pop Mašina - Na Izvoru Svetlosti
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Format: 1 CD 1 CD

Pop Mašina - Antologija 1972-1976

Pop Mašina - Antologija 1972-1976
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Format: 3 CD 3 CD
Leto izdaje: 11.12.2008
EAN: 8606007530957
Založba: Internut Music
Rok dobave: do 7 dni
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Including Bonus album for free " Originalna Kiselina - 35 godina Kasnije"

Wow! Finally! A box-set including all recordings of the legendary Yugoslavian progressive hard rock band, ironically named Pop Masina. This release marks the first time these recordings are released on a CD. Some recordings are previously unreleased. All in all, a perfect and complete retrospective of this truly unique band in Yugoslavia.

Before the musical contents, let's go through the visual side of Antologija. It's a cardboard box-set, including a 48-page booklet, with lots of information about the band. There are interviews, concert reviews, album reviews, stories about the band, lots of pictures, song lyrics and, of course, the introduction word by Robert Nemecek, the band's leader. The whole release is dedicated to the memory of the late Zoran Bozinovic, the band's guitarist and singer.

CD 1 includes 19 songs. Among the first 8 songs are the first two singles by the band, as well as some unreleased demo versions. These show that Pop Masina was not just a regular pop band in Yugoslavia. On the contrary, their sound was pretty hard, with short lyrics and a large space for improvisations. Check out the opening 'Put ka suncu' and the demo of 'Trazim put' (#7). Tracks 9-17 are from the LP 'Kiselina' as it was released back in 1973. (For the 'real' version of the album, the way it should have been released, see 'Originalna Kiselina: 35 Godina Kasnije'.) The album shows the contrasts in the sound of Pop Masina - the hard rock side in 'Na Drumu za Haos' and 'Pesma srecne noci' and a more mellow sound of 'Mir' and (the unfinished) 'Slike iz Proslih Dana'. The album's title track shows a dose of psychedelia in their music. The final two songs are from the third single. 'Zemlja Svetlosti' is one of the most famous Pop Masina songs.

CD 2 features 15 songs. It kicks off with their second album 'Na Izvoru Svetlosti'. The original LP featured an additional live track, but more about it later. The mellow side of Pop Masina prevails here - you have slower and acoustic songs like 'Na izvoru' and 'Rekvijem za prijatelja'. 'Zemlja svetlosti' was re-recorded here with an added section in the middle of the song. The rest of the disc is comprised of three live recordings from Hala Sportova in Belgrade. The first one (7-12, excluding #11) was used for the A-side of the live album 'Put ka Suncu'. Track 11, the blues by the name of 'Negde Daleko' was previously released on 'Na Izvoru Svetlosti' album. The second live recording features two covers, 'Voodoo Chile' and 'Crossroads'. It is a homage to Pop Masina's biggest influences, The Jimi Hendrix Experience and Cream. The sound isn't brilliant, considering it was recorded from the audience. The final track, 'Put ka Suncu', comprised the B-side of the live album of the same name. It is 13 minutes long and was recorded on the band's final concert. All of these live tracks show Pop Masina's ability to perform a true rock show in the 'power trio' form.

What is to say in the end? Along with 'Originalna Kiselina: 35 Godina Kasnije', this is a real epitaph to one of the greatest bands that came from Yugoslavia. A must for prog/hard rock fans from around the world!


CD 1

01. Put ka suncu (4:50)
02. Sjaj u ocima (3:21)
03. Promenicemo svet (4:46)
04. Svemirska prica (3:15)
05. Trazim put (3:47)
06. Put ka suncu (1:55)
07. Trazim put (3:25)
08. Povratak zvezdama (3:29)
09. Na drumu za haos (4:10)
10. Pesma srecne noci (4:27)
11. Mir (2:49)
12. Kiselina (5:27)
13. Trazim put (3:26)
14. Povratak zvezdama (4:31)
15. Svemirska prica (3:10)
16. Slike iz proslih dana (4:25)
17. Jark (0:53)
18. Zemlja svetlosti (3:15)
19. Dugo lutanje kroz noc (2:48)

CD 2

01. Vreme za nas (5:51)
02. Rekvijem za prijatelja (4:05)
03. Secanja (4:21)
04. Na izvoru (5:05)
05. Zemlja svetlosti (6:05)
06. Kraj (1:26)
07. Intro: Sasa Tijanic (1:35)
08. Na drumu za haos (5:11)
09. Trazim put (5:18)
10. Zemlja svetlosti (3:37)
11. Negde daleko (5:27)
12. Outro: Publika (0:20)
13. Voodoo Chile (8:57)
14. Crossroads (7:30)
15. Put ka suncu (13:23)


Line-up / Musicians

- Robert Nemecek / bass
- Zoran Bozinovic / lead guitar, lead vocals
- Mihajlo Bata Popovic / drums, percussion

Releases information

2CD Internut Music NUT BOX 001 (2008 EU) (digital remaster edition with booklet)


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