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10,15€   9,48€
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Leonard Cohen - Old Ideas

Leonard Cohen - Old Ideas
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Format: 1 CD 1 CD
Leto izdaje: 26.1.2012
EAN: 0886979867123
Rok dobave: do 13 dni
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2012 album from master singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen. Here are 10 new songs that mine the heart, shake the body and break the boundaries as everybody knows only Leonard can do. A signature of our time, Leonard's baritone holds us like the voices of Hank, Frank and Ray. These are songs that nobody knows and everyone will treasure. The album was produced with Patrick Leonard, Anjani Thomas, Ed Sanders and Dino Soldo. Complementing Cohen's signature baritone on Old Ideas are the exceptional vocalists Dana Glover, Sharon Robinson, The Webb Sisters (Hattie and Charley Webb) and Jennifer Warnes. The album's cover design and drawings are Cohen's own.

01. Going Home
02. Amen
03. Show Me The Place
04. Darkness
05. Anyhow
06. Crazy To Love You
07. Come Healing
08. Banjo
09. Lullaby
10. Different Sides

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