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Diana Krall - Very Best Of Diana Krall
27,96€   27,30€
Format: 1 2 Vinyl LP 1 2 Vinyl LP
Diana Krall - Christmas Songs
13,20€   13,00€
Format: 1 CD 1 CD

Diana Krall - Glad Rag Doll

Diana Krall - Glad Rag Doll
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Format: 1 CD 1 CD
Leto izdaje: 27.9.2012
EAN: 0602537101092
Založba: VERVE
Rok dobave: do 7 dni
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For the recording of Glad Rag Doll, Diana Krall went into the studio with T Bone Burnett and came out with what the jazz singer calls a "song and dance record". This new sound is evident on tracks such as "There Ain't No Sweet Man That's Worth the Salt of My Tears", written by composer Fred Fisher.

01. We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye
02. There Ain't No Sweet Man That's Worth the Salt of My Tears
03. Just Like a Butterfly That's Caught in the Rain
04. You Know I Know Ev'rything's Made for Love
05. Glad Rag Doll
06. I'm A Little Mixed Up
07. Prairie Lullaby
08. Here Lies Love
09. I Used to Love You But It's All Over Now
10. Let it Rain
11. Lonely Avenue
12. Wide River to Cross
13. When the Curtain Comes Down

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