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Bob Dylan - Tempest

Bob Dylan - Tempest
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Format: 1 CD 1 CD
Leto izdaje: 6.9.2012
EAN: 0887254576020
Založba: SONY
Rok dobave: do 7 dni
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Tempest is Bob Dylan's highly-anticipated 35th studio album and coincides with the 50th anniversary of his 1962 eponymous debut album. Produced by Jack Frost and recorded with the members of Dylan's touring band and Los Lobos' David Hidalgo, Tempest has received worldwide critical acclaim and has been firmly anchored at the top of Amazon's Best Sellers in Music chart since it became available for pre-orders in July 2012.

In its five-star review, Rolling Stone calls Tempest, ''musically varied and full of curveballs....Dylan now stand virtually alone among his 1960s peers.''

Entertainment Weekly gives it a ''Grade: A'' and writes, ''Dylan remains as magical and mysterious as ever.'' Associated Press calls it , ''One of the best discs you ll hear by anyone this year.'' Mojo also gives the album five stars, writing, ''Dylan sets sail on his finest album of this century.''

New Yorker says Tempest is ''as spirited and vigorous an album as he's made.'' The Washington Post writes that Dylan ''has delivered his most compelling release in more than a decade.''

Bob Dylan's four previous studio albums have been universally hailed as among the best of his storied career, achieving new levels of commercial success and critical acclaim for the artist. This year, Bob Dylan was also the recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the country's highest civilian honor.

  01. Duquesne Whistle
  02. Soon After Midnight
  03. Narrow Way
  04. Long and Wasted Years
  05. Pay In Blood
  06. Scarlet Town
  07. Early Roman Kings
  08. Tin Angel
  09. Tempest
  10. Roll On John

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