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Bryce Janey - Blues In My Soul (CD)

Bryce Janey - Blues In My Soul (CD)
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Format: 1 CD 1 CD
Leto izdaje: 7.1.2010
EAN: 0843310033722
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Hard driving blues-rock in the mood of Johnny Winter, Mountain, Cream, and Hendrix, Bryce Janey's new power trio CD will stop guitar aficionados in their tracks. A mixture of original tunes and well-chosen covers, Janey shows taste and restraint -- as well as let-it-all-hang-out, over-the-top flair, ability, and expertise. For the most part, the CD is a high energy party, with Janey showing off what he's got: And what he's got is guitar chops that are not easily matched. He is equally proficient in slide guitar and straight playing, showing influences that include the Allman Brothers and Derek Trucks, but also Joe Bonamassa and Gary Moore. His singing shows maturity and experience, often bringing to mind Howlin' Wolf. But his playing is anything but old time blues -- it is progressive blues for a new era. It is the direction that old school virtuosos would go in if they were around today. Thankfully, Janey is here to stay, and his playing just gets better and better. --Steve Rosen (21st Century Guitar)

01. Country Fever
02. Funky Guitar Blues
03. Mean Old Town
04. Runnin' Down the Road
05. Walkin' On A LIve Wire
06. Mission For Love
07. Another Fine Day
08. City Underwater
09. Hard Workin' Man
10. Medicine Man
11. Get You Off My Mind
12. Killing Floor
13. In This Place

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