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Tinsley Ellis - Speak No Evil (CD)

Tinsley Ellis - Speak No Evil  (CD)
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Format: 1 CD 1 CD
Leto izdaje: 5.10.2009
EAN: 0014551493228
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For over 20 years, TINSLEY ELLIS has built a huge fan base pairing his guitar-driven blend of hard-edged Southern rock and roadhouse blues with over 150 club, theatre and festival performances a year. SPEAK NO EVIL features Tinsley's most groove-laden guitar work on twelve hard-hitting songs, his playing and singing packed with raw emotion. A milestone album from an iconic Southern blues-rocker.

01. Sunlight Of Love
02. Slip And Fall
03. Speak No Evil
04. It Takes What It Takes
05. The Other Side
06. The Night Is Easy
07. Left Of Your Mind
08. Cold Love, Hot Night
09. Amanda
10. Loving For Today
11. Grow A Pair
12. Rockslide



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