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Dean Brown - Db III

Dean Brown - Db III
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Format: 1 CD 1 CD
Leto izdaje: 23.10.2009
EAN: 0090204787647
Založba: BHM
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With Dennis Chambers & Will Lee

Guitarist Dean Brown leads a potent power trio, with bassist Will Lee and drummer Dennnis Chambers making up the ultimate rhythm section. Captured live in an intimate Tokyo night spot, this dream team lays down some seriously funky grooves marked by their earth-shaking energy and fiery licks.

From finely-crafted Brown originals like the edgy "Take This", the slamming "Solid" and the epic "The Battle's Over (For Jaco)" to faithful covers of Jimi Hendrix's "Up from the Skies" and The Beatles' "All You Need Is Love", DBIII: Live in Tokyo easily straddles genres while remaining organically in the moment. And the guitarist, a bona fide road warrior who has toured with the likes of David Sanborn, Billy Cobham, Marcus Miller and the Brecker Brothers, delivers some jaw-dropping fretboard fireworks from track to track.

Personnel: Dean Brown (guitars), Will Lee (electric bass), Dennis Chambers (drums)


01. Take This
02. Solid
03. Up from the Skies
04. Breaksong
05. Two Numbers
06. Camel Hump
07. Soul Eyes
08. Clave Groove
09. The Battle's Over
10. All You Need Is Love

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