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Martin Barre - Stage Left

Martin Barre - Stage Left
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Format: 1 CD 1 CD
Leto izdaje: 24.1.2005
EAN: 690897242029
Založba: Favored Nations
Rok dobave: do 7 dni
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"The first solo album from Jethro Tull's legendary guitarist," reads a back cover note, but that isn't true. Stage Left is actually Martin Barre's third album made up primarily of guitar-driven rock instrumentals, following Trick of Memory (1994) and The Meeting (1996). But it is the first of his albums to earn release in the U.S. Barre's sound will be familiar to anyone who's been listening to his playing with Jethro Tull since he joined the group in 1969. He takes a highly textured approach, playing electric rock guitar much of the time as if he was playing English folk music on an acoustic. Sometimes, of course, he is actually playing an acoustic, and then the music is steeped in tradition while also having rock trappings. Yet » Read more

01. Count the chickens
02. As told by
03. A French correction
04. Murphy's paw
05. Favourite things
06. After you, after me
07. D.I.Y.
08. Spanish tears
09. Stage fright
10. Winter snowscape
11. Nelly returns
12. Celestial servings
13. I raise my glass to you!
14. Don't say a word

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