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Al Di Meola - Diabolic Inventions Vol.1
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Format: 1 CD 1 CD
37,99€   34,99€
Format: 1 CD 1 CD

Al Di Meola - Pursuit Of Radical Rhapsody

Al Di Meola - Pursuit Of Radical Rhapsody
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Format: 1 CD 1 CD
Leto izdaje: 15.3.2011
EAN: 0888072328358
Založba: TELARC
Rok dobave: do 17 dni
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On Di Meola's latest outing, Pursuit of Radical Rhapsody, the guitar virtuoso and world music pioneer deals in more evocative and compelling sounds with his World Sinfonia ensemble, delivering hauntingly beautiful and deeply moving music from track to track. The collection kicks off with the entrancing, suite-like "Siberiana," which opens with some tender call-and-response between Beccalossi's accordion and Di Meola's nylon string acoustic guitar before building to a turbulent section with searing electric guitar lines on top. On the affecting "Paramour's Lullaby," Di Meola takes a more deliberate approach on electric guitar, spinning warm, lyrical lines over the beautiful harmonies before engaging in spirited call-and-response with Beccalossi near the end of the piece. The rhythmically charged "Mawazine" (featuring percussionist Mino Cinelu) is broken up into two parts on the album and showcases some typically tasty electric guitar work by the leader.

01. Siberiana
02. Paramour's Lullaby
03. Mawazine Part 1
04. Michelangelo's 7th Child
05. Gumbiero
06. Brave New World
07. Full Frontal Contrapuntal
08. That Way Before
09. Fireflies
10. Destination Gonzalo
11. Bona
12. Radical Rhapsody
13. Strawberry Fields
14. Mawazine Part 2
15. Over The Rainbow


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