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14,80€   13,98€
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Dubioza Kolektiv - Wild Wild East

Dubioza Kolektiv - Wild Wild East
Spletna cena:
Redna cena:16,78€
Zaloga:Prednaročilo / Čakamo Ponatis

Format: 1 CD 1 CD
Leto izdaje: 13.9.2011
EAN: 0680316002822
Rok dobave: do 28 dni
Količina: Dodaj v košarico



To the uninitiated, Dubioza Kolektiv is a band from Bosnia known for
its fresh take on hip-hop mixed with reggae, dub, rock, and Bosnian
folklore. Those more familiar with the name know them as a killer
live band and notorious leaders in the fight for social change. With
musical skills forged during the siege of Sarajevo, these guys know
more than anyone how to use music as a weapon against the forces
of negativity. If you re looking for macho, money-and-ego driven
posturing, you won t find it here no MTV rude boy gangstas, no
strippers or bling, no brands or corporate endorsements from the
international fashion industry. Rather, Dubioza Kolektiv takes on
traditional musical forms with a unique perspective, shaped by a war
and delivered with a level of positivity that hits you like a blast of
fresh air. If you are open to the experience, it could change your life.

  01. Wake Up
  02. Euro Song
  03. Making Money
  04. USA
  05. Decisions
  06. Warning
  07. Move Ya
  08. Celebrate The Riot
  09. Whistleblower
  10. Balkan Funk
  11. 90's Surprise

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