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Deva Premal - Password

Deva Premal - Password
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Format: 1 CD 1 CD
Leto izdaje: 29.9.2011
EAN: 4036067140171
Založba: MEDIAL
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Password marks an exciting new direction in the trio's unique blending of East and West, embedding the extraordinary energy carried by ancient mantras into a rich fusion of sound and silence. The material, mostly self-composed by the trio, features Deva's golden voice, and the incredible virtuosity of Manose's bansuri (Indian bamboo flute). Guided by Miten and 'The Essence' producer RajRishi, the album journeys through sparkling soundscapes embellished by some of Europe's best young jazz musicians. The result is a haunting, seductive invitation to embrace a new and refreshing perspective on a style that is fast becoming essential listening for those looking for depth and spiritual nourishment in music.

01. Mangalam
02. Shyam!
03. Sri Nanda Nandanastakam
04. Narasimha
05. Mere Gurudev
06. Nandana Gopala
07. Om Dhara
08. Aham Prema
09. Shyam! [Prabhu Mix]

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